Just when you thought running a company was easy – think again. But don’t worry we can help you get the right Marketing Candidate.

Route Three Marketing is NOT a recruiting agency.

We don’t place warm bodies in job roles. What we do is work with companies to build out the marketing infrastructure including functions and systems; then we help recruit and train a suitable candidate that fits the organizations goals and culture. The recruitment process is very detailed and intricate because we (RouteThree) have worked build the structure; therefore we have an invested interest in the success of the candidate. Plus we don’t just find the candidate and run; we work to train and onboard the marketing candidate so they are set up to WIN.

Our recruiting process is very meticulous and involved. We have worked with several companies found successful sales and marketing professionals for their business.

recruiting marketers

Searching for Marketing Candidates

Our fees are not like the traditional recruiting fees. Our fees are hourly and work out to less than the traditional recruiting contingency or retainer fees. We only work with companies that we have done Marketing Services for. Having first insight in the companies’ campaigns and strategies allows us to find the right marketing fit faster and more efficiently.

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