Is Your Company Experiencing True Digital Transformation?

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Is Your Company Experiencing True Digital Transformation?

We have all been profoundly affected by digital technology, but has the application on your business propelled you forward in both profit and growth the way you thought it would? Has your company experienced true digital transformation that has positively affected you?

“Digital transformation is the changes associated with the application of digital technology in all aspects of human society.”

Has it instead become an albatross around the neck of your business, slowly choking the money, time and customer relationship life out of your “digitally transformed” business? Have you poured your resources down a very thirsty drain that is quickly depleting your assets and leading you away from your business goals? The digital world was supposed to free up our time and our resources! Don’t despair… it can and it should… if properly chosen and applied.

What are your stumbling blocks that hold you back from digital transformation?

Is it your:

  • Lack of the appropriate software or hardware to run your systems?
  • Lack of funds for updating and purchasing better technology?
  • Lack of qualified and knowledgeable staff to implement and run the systems – either in house or outsourced?
  • Lack of focusing in on the correct applications or programs or being so overwhelmed with the multitude of choices that you waste valuable time and resources on unsuitable technology?
  • Lack of automation processes that will continue to build relationships and keep you forefront in your clients / customer’s minds?
  • Lack of proper analytics to make quick, decisive and forward moving decisions about your activities and processes?

digital transformationWhat plan or road map have you implemented for your business?

Looking at your stumbling blocks or inefficiencies and really understanding your unique business needs can point you in the right direction. If you are not technologically knowledgeable (and who is?) or up on the latest applications, software and systems where can you go to find someone who is? Will they process a strategy for you and lead you in implementing that strategy?


Your investments must return you higher profits then your expense to implement them. How will you track that return vs investment? What analytics can you apply and how quickly can you access and if need be change before you spend too much cash flow and conversely how quickly can you increase the positive aspects and `scale up`?

Outsourcing or in house Employees?

Does your company look to outsourcing for technology needs or do you have your own in house employees? Have you hired the most suitable people? There are multitudes of outsourcing choices. Who can you trust? Is it time to reshuffle or re-hire?

You are in business to be profitable and hopefully enjoy life at the same time? You can be profitable and yes, you can still enjoy life! Let us help you put your technological nightmare to rest and propel you forward on the road to a thriving business based on proper digital transformation!


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