One Digital Trend changing the face of marketing!

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One Digital Trend changing the face of marketing!

Video streams plain and simple are the new Digital Trend!

We have seen the shift from pay TV to Video-streaming services such as Netflix with a survey from consulting firm Deloitte showing 56% of TV viewers surveyed stream movies, 53% stream TV shows while only 45% prefer to watch TV programs live. This is happening even more dramatically with online video-streaming as a means for Business to Business and Business to Consumers marketing tapping into social media live video-streaming. It is the one digital trend more than anything else that is changing the face of marketing!


Facebook LIVE Launch

With Facebook LIVE’s recent launch to over 60 countries for pages, groups and profiles the competition in the video live streaming world has certainly heated up!


Facebook LIVE  launched to only verified fan pages in December 2015 but now has opened to it’s users for pages, groups and profiles. Facebook LIVE is now competing with Twitter`s Periscope, Meerkat, Snapchat, Google Hangouts and of course YouTube for video use, among others. Even though YouTube is still the largest source of video, the ease of social media and the fact that Facebook will be promoting more video posts will drive the user towards live video streaming.  There are 1.6 Billion active monthly users on Facebook and it has a much more engaged user than YouTube. With most people having access to smart phones the age of Video is dramatically on the rise both for personal and business use.

Facebook LIVE feeds are 3 times longer than standard videos and there is 10x more engagement on LIVE videos compared to standard updates on Facebook. It is even compatible with drones so for businesses such as Real Estate you know have the ability to live stream your new property listings or businesses can really showcase your business location or outdoor assets.

Interact with your Clients and Consumers

With live streaming it has never been easier to interact with your target market on a very up to date, personal level.

Video gives you increased trust to your contact base. It can quickly build relationship with your business, your brand, your product. Explain your value proposition in a very attention getting format.

92% of mobile video consumers will share videos with their contacts. That is FREE advertising!

You can not only use live streaming videos from Facebook LIVE on social media but add the video to your website or landing page and see your conversions skyrocket! Facebook LIVE also stays as an update on your newsfeed,, unlike Snapchat or Periscope which disappear. People can continue to comment, share and like driving even more traffic over time.

Afraid of doing a live streaming-video?

There are many options besides standing in front of a video and speaking. Show graphs or content on your computer screen, take a tour through your business facilities. Interview a leading authority or some of your business team, employees or staff. The portability of using a smart phone to capture live streaming-video opens up a world of possibilities! Get creative! Have fun! Be at the forefront of the hottest digital trend going today!

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